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Welcome to René's art gallery 

On "Current Artworks" page you will find Rene´s latest artworks, and  all of them are for sale on fine art print mode. The artist only allow 6 prints of each piece, either canvas or high quality paper. All prints are signed, numbered, with authenticity certificate and a exclusive holographic seal. We ship worldwide and ensure the the highest quality patterns that the artist demands.  If you have any doubt or intendeds to purchase a fine art print, please, do not hesitate in contact us at . We ship worldwide will and will be very glad to help you.

If you want to understand the artist trajectory, you can't help to visit  
"Young Artist" page, where there are many artworks, chosen by by the artist, that reveal the incertitude about the future, the influence of comics books and a narrative that floats between surrealism and fantasy. The first one, is the "hunter and the executive", the most iconic artwork from this period, which traced his professional life during decades. Note: Non of them are for sale.

"Interior design"page How about visualizing one of the artist's artworks would look framed on the wall of the living room, bedroom, office, or even in a bathroom? The project "Art within Art", where the artist finds new narratives by observing his own works, offers beautiful abstract and figurative artworks that embellish the environment. According to the artist, "a work finds its purpose when it is exposed, when it attracts the eye, standing out from the landscape"

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