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René Agostinho was born in 1962, in São Paulo, Brazil.

His art flourished in childhood and his technical and theoretical preparation occurred during adolescence. René's art, in addition to various influences that include, but are not limited to,  the comic pop culture, classic art and some modern and contemporary "gurus" (as he calls them). He was also greatly influenced by two factors, first, the way he experienced the military government period, which occupied his entire adolescence with times of social turbulence and censorship, and second, for the long period he lived as an executive of magazines and books editorial market, which brought a sharp pragmatism to his poetics, and added a harsh strength to his artwork. René started his artistic professional career in 2020, at the age of 58, after over 30 years as executive. Since then, he has participated of several group exhibitions in Brazil and abroad, notably the XIV Biennale of Firenze in 2023, XIV Venice International Art Fair 2022. In Brazil Highlights include the Collective on the Official Circuit of Exhibitions in Celebration of the 200th anniversary of Brazilian Independence at Casa de Portugal in São Paulo and the Collective of the ALA (Latin American art academy) at the Pinacoteca de Santos, both in 2022. 

In a nut shell, his "artistic life time"could be divided into three distinct periods, firstly the formation of an artist who was unable to fulfill his natural path, secondly the executive who sublimated the young artist, but who contributed enormously to the construction of his poetic and based his research, and finally, the current moment, of the mature artist, with a clear proposal for his research and striking style.

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