Art has been part of René's life since childhood, however being an artist in the 80's was not an option for a young man from the emerging middle class. However the hunter and executive learned to coexist, sometimes in a fierce battle, sometimes encouraging each other. Anyway, both are and are protagonists of this story.

Early years

René is originally from São Paulo, Brazil, one of the biggest cities in the world. São Paulo is messy, polluted, full of concrete, with a population of over 12 million people without many green areas. Oddly enough, that gray landscape does not stop São Paulo from being Brazil's cultural center. He was born during the military dictatorship, a period full of repression, violence, and fear, despite referred as the “Brazilian miracle” due to the artificially economic growth.

Amidst this chaotic period filled with protests and persecution, René's childhood took place in Brooklyn district, a middle class neighborhood  in São Paulo, surrounded by friends, who are still together today. 

First steps

His ability with drawing and painting emerged at the age of 10 and due to his creative, free and rebellious spirit, his parents choose a public "vocational school", an alternative educational method focused in development of the students' skills. This decision was quite decisive in his life.

Solid artistic background

At "Vocational", René studied art from 12 to 16 years old, with a daily half period entirely dedicated to art. His technical background included many techniques exploration, as well as theoretical basis.

Professional life

René started his career in creation at advertising agencies, but he settled in the publishing market as an editor and publisher. He became a high-performance executive, occupying senior executive positions in large companies in the sector. In 2017 he became a technology entrepreneur and at the end of 2019 he decided to dedicate himself intellectually to art and his career as a visual artist.

Academic background

  • Plastic Arts: Vocational College / 1979

  • Bachelor of Social Communication, ESPM / 1985

  • International Executive MBA, FIA / USP 1993

  • Executive development program, Northwestern University (USA) / 2012

Exhibitions and press

  • 2021 (Aug) The Holy Art Gallery/London, UK. Group exhibition Reberation;  

  • 2021 (Aug) Boomer Gallery/London, UK. Group exhibition Contemporary; 

  • 2021 (Jun)  Artlab Gallery/São Paulo, Bra. Group exhibition, Artlab´s 5 years celebration. 

  • 2021 (May) Artist Talk Magazine/UK published the artwork "heroes of mandkind, express to heaven ", on page 178, May edition;  

  • 2021 (Jan-Apr) Daïler Galerie/Berlin, Deu. Newsurrealism; 

  • 2020 1st. prize category Arthouse Gallery Ink Liner Pen;

  • 2020 Review of Mr. Gustavo Curcio, PhD, researcher at FAU / USP and founder/CEO  of one of the most prestigious website in Brazil about design and architecture arqxp.