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René was born in 1962, in São Paulo, Brazil. Art bloomed in his childhood, his formal artistic preparation and training took place during the adolescence. For years the artist developed his singular style, an amalgamation of different influences passing through enshrined names from comic books, pop art, the great classics and modern masters, contemporary art, and everything else his unquiet mind can absorb. 

Each artwork has a dense narrative full of details. It is like little stories that are relevant for the big picture. Sometimes, the protagonist is just a spectator, who placidly observes life passing in front of him, and other times, the protagonist is the viewer himself, establishing a dialogue between the collective and the individual simultaneously. 

Rene's art is innovative and shares his feelings about human existence, using allegories to represent people's daily lives. His vision as an artist is to suppress his own ego from his artwork in order to create a mirror where the viewer can see himself.

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