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Exhibition Calendar and News about artist's projects

  • 2022 (Jan/Feb) Latin American Art Academy, Pinacoteca Benedicto Calixto/ Santos, BR


  • 2021 (Out) Marcelo Neves Art Gallery/Sao Paulo, BR. Group exhibition "Todos Juntos na arte" 


  • 2021 (Aug) Boomer Gallery/London, UK. Group exhibition Contemporary


  • 2021 (Jun)  Artlab Gallery/São Paulo, Bra. Group exhibition, Artlab´s 5 years celebration


  • 2021 (May) Artist Talk Magazine/UK published the artwork "heroes of mandkind, express to heaven ", on page 178, May edition


  • 2020 Review of Mr. Gustavo Curcio, PhD, researcher at FAU / USP and founder/CEO  of one of the most prestigious website in Brazil about design and architecture arqxp.

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