René Agostinho

René is a Brazilian and Portuguese visual artist, and considers himself as a contemporary humanist. His research is about the human animal as a being, its society and its the shallow self-consciousness. He is concerned about humankind's lack of understanding of its role in world as the dominant species, frequently overvaluing unimportant aspects to the detriment of the well-being of humanity and the planet. His artwork presents a dense narrative, full of ordinary archetypes that express his nonconformity and, at the same time, remind the public the feeling of a familiar and disturbing place.

“Rich in nuance, precise cuts, and fluidity, the kaleidoscope of ideas present in each compositions is stunning (*)"

“Connected by memories, reflections, the scenes kindle a series of possible readings. And this is the most surprising aspect of Agostinho’s work (*).”

(*) from the review of FAU/USP PhD Gustavo Curcio

Prepare yourself and enjoy the artist’s imaginary world.


A glimpse of "In Omnia Paratus", the artist's life testimony and also a review of  "Hunter and the Executive"  (1984),  his most iconic artwork