René is Brazilian and Portuguese visual artist and his main subject of researching are the consequences of human way of life to the mankind itself and the lack of understanding of it.

“Rich in nuance, precise cuts, and fluidity, the kaleidoscope of ideas present in each compositions is stunning (*)"


“Connected by memories, reflections, the scenes kindle a series of possible readings. And this is the most surprising aspect of Agostinho’s work (*).”

(*) from the review of FAU/USP PhD Gustavo Curcio

The artist is currently participating in the "New Surrealism" exhibition at Daïle Galerie  from Berlin  

Prepare yourself and enjoy the artist’s roller-coaster creative world.

A glimpse of "In Omnia Paratus", the artist's life testimony and also a review of  "Hunter and the Executive"  (1984),  his most iconic artwork